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Центр Honeywell в Сколково
Honeywell has announced that it will establish a new research and development center in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, located in the Moscow suburb of Skolkovo. The new Honeywell Innovation Center will be a scientific and technological facility for the development and commercialization of advanced technologies for use in the oil, gas and chemical industries, and the development of new educational programs for Russian technical universities.

Norm Gilsdorf, president of Honeywell Process Solutions and Conor Lenihan, vice president for International Co-operations of the Skolkovo Foundation signed the agreement on March 21 under which Honeywell will establish the new Honeywell Innovation Center, supporting the creation of local jobs for research, facilities and laboratory staff and new joint research activities for students and scientists from the Skolkovo Institute of Technology.

“Honeywell has been active in Russia for almost 50 years and as a technology company that invests in research around the globe, creating an R&D centre here in Moscow was a logical next step,” said Gilsdorf. “Russian process industries will need to constantly improve the efficiency of their operations as they compete on the world stage. Local intellectual capital and Honeywell expertise will develop advanced technologies that will provide them with a significant competitive advantage.”


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