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Центр энергоэффективности
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Energy Efficiency Center appeared in Novocheboksarsk. It is a kind of interactive space where the way of energy consumption and costs reduction is described using the language of the most modern technology. On the eve of the Center opening its capabilities were shown to the the head of the republic Mikhail Ignatiev.

Everyone from ordinary consumers to industrial giants will be taught to save the electricity, the heat and the water here. Interactive equipment which is installed in the Center is making advice on making energy-saving simple, visual and certainly absolutely not boring even for children. Virtual tour shows you how the energy is produced and supplied to our homes. An entertaining game teaches to use it in everyday life competently and to reduce therefore payments. Here you can find out by experience for example what kind of stove is more economical - an ordinary electric or a modern induction one.

Novocheboksarsk Center has not become the first public RusHydro company in the regions but the technical capabilities of it are far ahead in comparison to the counterparts which operate in Ryazan and Krasnoyarsk. It will be a place for fun and useful lessons not only for schoolchildren and students but also for specialists from different companies - serious training programs have been developed for them.