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For the last 10 years Siemens has been well-known on the room thermostat market for its RAA and RAB thermostat series for fancoils and universal applications.
Room thermostats of the RAA line have an on/off switch and a large, ergonomic setting knob for adjusting the desired room temperature. The room thermostats of the RAB line, which have been developed for use with 2-pipe fan coil units, feature an operating mode selector and a manual switch for controlling a 3-speed fan – in addition to the setting knob. The products are suited for all types of standard applications in the heating and cooling field and are used in connection with thermal and zone valves plus fans.
The larger temperature setting knob of the new generation affords more accurate operation, resulting in better switching accuracy and thus in higher levels of energy efficiency of heating or cooling plants. What's more, the new products are accommodated in more compact housings. Thanks to their optimized design, the room thermostats require less space in the room and are less noticeable.
Owing to their rugged construction, the new room thermostats are suited not only for residential and non-residential buildings, but also for use in light industrial buildings.