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Термостат Intwine Energy 220 Wi-Fi
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The Intwine unit is a full service thermostat that can be controlled with its iPhone application or the web portal. From there you can dive deep into your system and find new ways to save money by setting your HVAC system for days in advance, eliminating constant toggling of temperatures. The display, while not in color, is well back-lit and easy to read. The display will also show messages in text form, alerting you when your attention is needed for service.

It has been noted that the web-portal is not Mac compatible, so stay away if you will not be able to use a PC for web based actions. There is also a subscription fee for the premium web based services. If you elect to not pay the you will stay be able to access basic functions such as setting the temperature. The iPhone application is available for a fee, which has hampered its integration, with not enough reviews for a rating.

We all know the sinking feeling of realizing that we forgot to turn the air conditioning or heat off after you’ve already headed out for a few days. You can eliminate the feeling, and also eliminate the high energy bill as well. You may be tempted to constantly play with the settings of your wireless thermostat and you could end up with an even higher bill than before! Use the remote thermostat wisely, and you could see a reduced energy bill with your ability to adjust temperatures on the fly.