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Расширение ассортимента Dantex
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New water chillers in the range of 272-678 kW cooling capacity are started to be manufactured by Dantex. It will strengthen the company's position in the market of the central air conditioning systems with a great performance.
Equipment is manufactured in a production complex of Dantex Italy. Feature of the new series of chillers is high reliability, low power consumption, excellent performance. Cillers have two independent refrigerant circuits, each of which includes a semi-hermetic screw compressor manufacturing company Refcomp. These compressors are characterized by high coefficients of compression at low power. Also, noise and vibration is small compressor, which enables the use of units in terms of restrictions on noise. Chillers Dantex DN1602-2802VYSIM designed for cooling water or antifreeze, used in heat exchangers, fan coil units or central air conditioners. The high level of hladaproizvoditelnosti chiller allows you to apply them to residential and commercial real estate and industrial facilities with large air-conditioned areas. The design features make it possible to install them in the operating room, located inside the building. Removal of heat formed in the condensation is carried out by a hydraulic cooling circuit of the capacitor that is connected to cooling towers or other heat exchange equipment.