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Пульт управления PAR-30MAAU
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In commercial applications, the PAR-30MAAU remote controller can control up to 16 indoor units. A setback mode of operation controls upper- and lower-limit temperature settings, preventing excessive temperature rise or fall.

Other features include sleek new styling, a backlit LCD screen so the temperature settings can easily be seen and adjusted even if its location is dimly lit, and a hold function that can pause a previously scheduled operation. The remote controller is part of the City Multi® Controls Network (CMCN), an advanced controls system that can handle up to 2,000 indoor units from a single networked computer.

Building owners and engineers can select from a wide variety of controllers to satisfy the exact level of building management to ensure occupant comfort. The remote controller features multilingual operation, weekly timer operation, auto-off timer, current zone temperature displays, a lockout feature, airflow direction, and fan speed settings.