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The range of heating equipment ZILON has been widened with the new products - the high performance industrial air curtains HP series. The new series significantly expands the range of the ZILON air curtains. ZILON air curtains can now protect openings up to 4.5 m, and therefore are ideally suitable for the installation on gates of warehouses, production halls, lobbies of the shopping centers and other facilities. Due to the design the air curtains could be installed both horizontally and vertically. Maximum air flow for this the series is up to 5000 m3/h, and it ensures the formation of dense air flow at the outlet of the air curtain. Centrifugal fans which are used in the HP air curtains series are being manufactured in Germany. The HP series is represented by 2 models ZVV 24 HP and ZVV 36 HP. They are both 2 m long and differ in capacity of an electric heater. High heating capacity allows to use the HP curtains for additional heating.

Air curtains ZVV HP are supplied with a remote control. The programming console allows to change the air flow and the power of the electric heating, and in addition to set the necessary air temperature. Much attention was payed to the ensuring of the safe operation of the HP air curtain series. The design of the HP foresees the thermostat with overtemperature protection function. Such option is traditional for all ZILON products which contain electric heaters.