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Partner relationship to Freedom Heat Pumps
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Freedom Heat Pumps has announced two strategic partnerships with Solfex Energy Systems and Segen to help meet the high demand for the new Samsung EHS air to water heat pump system. 
Graham Hendra, managing director at Freedom Heat Pumps, said: “We have seen a huge rise in interest for the new Samsung EHS Mono product and with the good news coming out of the Department of Energy and Climate Change about the Renewable Heat Incentive, we expect even more interest over the next few months. 
“Both partnerships allow for quick expansion of this already successful product into the solar thermal and photovoltaic marketplaces that have so far been neglected by other heat pump manufacturers.” 
About the partnerships… 
Both companies are being supported by Freedom Heat Pumps for technical support, warranty and training. Paul Taylor from the company, said: “Freedom Heat Pumps has been involved in the development of the Samsung Mono from its very inception. We have unrivalled technical expertise in the product which has been identified by these two companies and we are confident that together we can put Samsung EHS into a market leading position within 12 months, a place it richly deserves.”