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MDV расширяет линейки
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Midea Corporation announced the launch of production of a new MDV air-chiller with integrated hydraulic module and cooling capacity 30 kW. The refrigerant used as ozone-safe freon R410a. Novelty is equipped with the evaporator shell and tube type (tube in tube).
The chiller is available in two versions: with a fixed capacity (MGCSLi-F30W/RN1) and continuously adjustable output (MGCSLi-D30W/RN1). The lower limit of outside temperature when operating in cooling and heating is -10°C. At installation you can select two heat-carrier temperature ranges: 5-17°C or 0-17°C. The chiller is equipped with cantilever pump, expansion vessel, pressure switch.

A new wired remote control with built-in clock KJR-120A/MBE allows to adjust the temperature differential of 2, 3, 4, and 5 degrees. In the device protections against current excess in two phases, high pressure, high incoming temperature, freezing are fulfilled. There is a coolant flow control, full-fledged network voltage monitor, crankcase heater, electronic expansion valves, pressure relief valve in the hydraulic circuit .