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Logano S111-2 в новом дизайне
Полезная информация
The company "Bosch Thermotechnik" announced the steel solid boiler Logano S111-2 in the new design on the Russian market.
First of all, the changes have affected the appearance of Logano S111-2, so the boiler has become more elegant and ergonomic. In addition to the design the boiler has undergone some structural transformation, namely, for convenience and quick mounting flange connections are replaced with threaded, upgraded insulation and loop fastening the door of the boiler ash. The narrow dimensions of the boiler can use it in small spaces.
Solid-steel boiler Logano S111-2, which has 8 types in the power range from 12 to 45 kW. can be used with the following fuels: wood, brown or hard coal, coke or pressed fuel. Boiler Logano S111-2 can operate in combination with another gas or oil-fired boiler, as well as independently. Continuous combustion process is provided by large volumes of loading chamber and the ash pan. Depending on the boiler size, the length of logs loaded through the loading door can reach 50 cm