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The C-Stat is the latest domestic central heating control innovation from Horstmann and combines a compact, discreet design with many new and practical features including state-of-the-art electronics and energy saving TPI software.
C-Stat is an electronic programmable thermostat that combines time and temperature control in a completely new design with particular attention paid to the styling and the user interface which features easy to use button controls and a clear, 70mm blue backlit display.
The new 3-model range offers standard battery and mains powered units in addition to a wireless version - the C-Stat ZW - which is battery powered and has wireless connectivity using proven Z-Wave technology to its receiver. All three controls feature 24 hour and 7 day programming with up to six temperature settings per day. The mains powered version has a battery back up to preserve settings.
The C-Stat uses the latest TPI energy saving software that can produce savings of as much as 10% annually* on central heating bills.
TPI software makes a series of calculations that will precisely dictate the amount of heat needed every 10 minutes (for gas boilers) and switch the boiler on for a proportion of that time to maintain the set room temperature. This stops the wide fluctuations that can occur with conventional thermostats and also fine tunes the performance of the boiler.
It is this characteristic that offers householders the opportunity to make the energy consumption savings.
In addition to the energy savings the householder also benefits from a range of features including keypad temperature override, an adjustable boost facility and actual room temperature indication.
And using the menu driven programming function commands such as frost protection, automatic summer/winter time clock changing and an (optional) optimum start feature can be activated.
The C-Stat replaces the long standing CentaurStat in the Horstmann range of programmable room thermostats. In time, CentaurStat will be phased out of production.