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Model range of HVAC equipment from the company Dantex is enlarged with new products. Central air conditionersg Dantex become more simple, cost-effective, reliable and functional.
The new generation of multi-zone systems VRF with variable refrigerant.

MVS-DiPro is a new generation of multi-zone air conditioning systems with variable refrigerant flow, which is characterized by the following technical features:

1 - MVS DiPRO equipped with high-efficiency scroll compressors with Digital Scroll digital capacity control.
2 - Fans DC Invertor with variable capacity can save energy.
3 - Improved design of refrigeration has reduced overall dimensions, to enhance the technical and operational characteristics, improve integration opportunities.
4 - New Features vtomaticheskoy addressing silent night operation, high pressure fans, new and unique technology of oil return satisfy the requirements of different projects.
5 - An important osoebnnostyu new VRF is the extended length of interconnect freon communications, and other integration features; Now the maximum length of all elements Refrigerant up to 1000m.
6 - Extended operating temperature limits. (The minimum operating temperature range of - 20C.
Wall-mounted indoor units VRF systems with new design

Wall-mounted indoor units Multizone VRF MVS DiPRO - have been specifically designed for residential applications with high demands on comfort and design. The design of internal blocks assumes TRV placement outside the body at a sufficient distance for the acoustic comfort of the indoor unit. Electronic expansion ventel can be placed in a false ceiling, or else the room so as to reduce or eliminate the impact of noise associated with peretechkoy refrigerant. External placement elekronnogo expansion valve has reduced overall dimensions - to reduce the depth of the indoor unit.

Updated lineup of modular chillers

Development of a new series of modular chillers, air-cooled condenser has strengthened the market position Dantex chillers medium and high productivity. Modular chillers are adapted for operation at low outdoor temperatures. They are characterized by improved technical and operational characteristics. The main element is the newest unit hermetic scroll compressor, which is characterized by high reliability and low noise level.