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Фильтр для системы отопления Mag Defender
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In a bid to promote SALUS as a high quality brand that promotes energy efficiency within the UK heating market, the company has introduced ‘Mag Defender’, a new in-line, ultra high efficiency and full flow magnetic filter. Designed with the installer in mind to provide easy cleaning and servicing of central heating systems, this 22mm valve Mag Defender protects systems by removing virtually 100 per cent of the suspended black iron oxides, and comes with no extra running costs.

Mag Defender provides instant results and an energy saving of up to six per cent, while offering protection to the system from black iron oxide that are created by the slow corrosion of central heating pipes and radiators. They attach themselves to key parts of the central heating system, such as the heat exchanger, hot water heating coils, valves, and any pumps, thus decreasing the efficiency of the system and increasing heating bills.

By installing Mag Defender, these iron oxides are removed from the system with the help of the product’s 20mm diameter removable Neodymium magnet and unique polypropylene ‘snorkel’ cleaning method, via a half-inch drain valve.

SALUS Controls’ Managing Director, Dean Jepson comments: “It is part of the installer’s arsenal of products to protect and maintain the energy efficiency of both new and existing central heating systems, and Mag Defender does this perfectly. Installing a Mag Defender will not only complement the efficiency of the system, it will assist the heating controls in becoming more effective in reducing heating costs to the home owner”

Whilst two 22mm compression inlet and outlet 360-swivel isolation valves feed water in and out of the 500ml hydrolysis resistant circulation chamber, the entire product is sealed with a compression Nylon cap with EPDM ‘O’ ring, for that perfect airtight seal.

Mag Defender has also been designed to reduce the number of unnecessary call-backs for installers by ensuring a long lasting performance, combined with a five year warranty. A servicing kit is also supplied, which includes an instruction manual and warranty card. A range of ‘SALUS System Guard’ products are also available to be used in conjunction with Mag Defender, and are designed to help remove sludge and clean the inside of the product.