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Биореактор Viessmann в Висконсине
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Dr. Viessmann awarded honorary doctorate by the University of Wisconsin to recognise the long-term collaboration between the two parties

The honour is said to reflect the Viessmann Group and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh’s long-standing commitment to achieve sustainability through innovative technology .

The Viessmann Group, and its’ BIOFerm™ Energy Systems subsidiary, have worked in partnership with the university for many years, establishing biogas facilities both on the University campus and at other sites in the Oshkosh area.

The Americas’ first high solids dry fermentation anaerobic digester (HSAD) was installed by BIOFerm at the university last year.

The award-winning biogas plant composts organic material, such as food waste, from the University campus in airless storage chambers, using the methane which is produced to generate heat and electricity.

Students and faculty of the university manage the operation of the plant, and have used it for multiple community-based projects.

Before receiving his surprise award, Dr Viessmann reflected on the Viessmann Group’s partnership with the university in developing sustainable energy supplies: “Everything we do for sustainability is the result of teamwork.

“Together, we are convinced that we can only maintain our current standard of living and preserve the natural resources for future generations, if we act sustainably.”