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The cooling system of MEGA shopping center consists of a group of independently working cooling towers. A flocculating device "Aquaklear" P-120 was installed on one of the towers to improve the efficiency of their work.

AquaKlear P120 unit was fitted to one of the pipes and a series of test coupons installed through- out the system. The technology of the AquaKlear P120 works by inducing coaxial electromag- netic fields through the fluids in the pipe. A wave is generated, which is carried throughout the system. This charge helps prevent the electromechanical process of corrosion taking place ie. the negatively charged electrons are drawn towards the outer skin of the pipe (known as the skin effect) whilst the heavier positively charged ions are drawn away from the service. The result is that a state of passivity exists within the water.

The AquaKlear system also provides the benefit of killing bacteria and algae, by applying a charge to the bacteria, which gets hydrated with a pure water layer. This layer is absorbed into the bacteria by osmosis creating osmotic pressure which bursts the membrane thus killing the bacteria.

Following the installation of the AquaK- lear P120 system, there was a significant reduc- tion in corrosion at the steel factory. The re- sults indicated a reduction of iron oxide per- centages in an 8-month period from 60–70% to 49%, which reflected positively on reducing cor- rosion rates. Scaling percentages also reduced, thus leading to the direct and in-direct factory
cooling system operating more efficiently.